My geometric abstraction sold artwork, march 18 2013

March 18, 2013
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I am a geometric abstractionist, taking cubism into the 3D level
I d like to share some of my sold artwork
1) Frozen in time
12x12in, acrylic, 2011
Sold to a gallery curator in Toronto

2) Power of simplicity
22x30in, acrylic, 2011
Sold to an art lover in Toronto

3) Fantasy castle
32x16in, acrylic, 2011
Sold to an art lover in New York

4) Rush hour
24x18in,acrylic, 2011
Sold to an art lover in New York

5) Expanding universe
36x36in, acrylic, 2012
Sold to a french art collector inToronto

6) Precision
12x12in, acrylic 2012
Sold to an art lover in Toronto

I am posting this blog from my iPhone, I m not able to upload images of my work, please visit my site to view my recent artwork


My next show Toronto artExpo Apr 11-14, 2013

March 18, 2013

I am a modern cubist, a geometric abstraction artist from Toronto, I’d like to invite you all to my next art show at the Toronto ArtExpo Apr 11-14, to view my recent work to be exhibited please visit
If you are in Toronto for the week of the show Apr 11-14, I’d love to meet you at my booth, the show location is Metro Toronto Convention Center

I am posting this blog from my iPhone , I m not able to upload images, please visit my site to see my recent artwork

Geometric abstraction

January 24, 2013
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I would like to share this great article about the history of geometric abstraction, a great inspiration for my paintings, I think I am taking it into a new level introducing a real 3D effect by painting in between several layers of a pouring medium, here is the link, hope you enjoy it

Attached some of my geometric abstraction paintings

Current artwork as of Jan 21 2013

January 21, 2013
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I am finishing my new art collection of 2013 to be exhibited at the TorontoArtExpo April 11-14 2013

I’ve published few of my new artwork on my web site, please ve a moment & take a look, I appreciate your kind feedback

I ve few more not finished yet, plan to finish them by end of feb 2013,





Current artwork as of March 5 2012

March 5, 2012
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It has been a while since I published my blogs, I apologize for that
I have been super busy painting, I have done with preparation for 2 major art shows coming up soon, NY art expo, Mar 22-25 2012 and Toronto art expo , April 19 – 22 2012
Here are some of the paintings to be exhibited at NY art expo:
1: Parallel Universe
2: Peace of mind
3: Majestic setting
60 x 30in
Cubism , geometric design pattern is my current focus, I plan to explore even further & deeper, plz stay tinned to my updates
These are some of the paintings to be exhibited at the Toronto art expo Apr 2012
1: Triumph, 72x36in
2: Glowing universe 40x40in
3: City of peace 48x24in
4: Anti reflection 60x30in

I hope to see you all at the NY and Toronto Art Expo







Current artwork as of Aug 14 2011

August 14, 2011
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I started Ramadan on august 1, since then I have not been as productive as I should be in term of finishing my 7 geometric abstraction acrylic multi layer liquitex paintings, this is not due to fasting, it is just a matter of priority, fasting, getting close to God has priority to me in Ramadan than anything else
However, I did manage to accomplish some progress in some of the paintings but not all of them
I am almost done with the 40x40in black & white painting, I think I only need one more layer of both patters and liquitex, I named it “Parallel Universe”
I also did good progress on the 30x60in painting, I have not named it yet , although “Passionate Joy” is a candidate, 4 to 6 layers are needed to finish it
I also made some progress on the 40x40in whose colors are golden to reddish and I called it “Glowing Universe”
At least 4 more layers are needed
I did little progress on the 36x72in black & white painting, which I may call “Castle”
The other 36x72in painting that i may name it as “Triumphant city ” has no progress at all, the last 2 small ones had little progress
If you visit my previous blogs, you can see the amount of progress accomplished in between
Ramadan is half through, I should resume active work in September , speaking of September , I’d like to announce that I will be exhibiting at Sunnyside pavilion venue along the lakeshore of downtown Toronto , Sep 9,10, & 11
Hope to see you there if your are local to Toronto








Current artwork as of July 31 2011

July 31, 2011
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It had been a week since my last blog updates regarding the status of my 7 paintings I am currently working on
I paint everyday, and I tweet about it, so if you are interested to know the daily updates, please follow me on tweeter follow me on twitter
It is a slow process, since I do a lot of calculations to preserve the proportionality between my computer prototype of the geometric patterns and the actual large or small canvas
Also, since I create several layers of the liquitex medium to separate the different layers of the patterns, that adds to the slow process as well
Note I could ve used resin instead of liquitex, but after a long research and experience, I chose liquitex for several reasons:
1: resin yellows overtime, liquitex never yellows
2: resin is toxic to use, liquitex is safe
3: resin is difficult to work, liquitex is easy to use
4: resin could produce bubbles if not used properly, liquitex doesn’t produce any bubbles
5: resin is more expensive
6: liquitex produces same results as of resin
Anyway, I am happy using liquitex and so are my clients
I made some major improvements to my 7 paintings please see the attached images and compare them to my previous blogs, you will notice the difference
Tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan, I look forward to balance my spiritual journey along my artistic journey
Muslims fast everyday from dawn to sunset for the whole month of Ramadan, fasting is not a starvation, it is rather a discipline to the body and the soul, we actually feel the hunger and the thirst unfortunate people feel around the world and that prompts us to help the poor and the needy
It is a challenge for me to fast and paint , because by the end of the day, I do feel tired, hungry and thirsty, and painting requires energy of the mind, so trying to balance it out will be a great awesome feeling








Current artwork as of July 24 2011

July 24, 2011
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This is a follow up to my previous blog, a status to my 7 geometric design pattern abstraction acrylic paintings
I am still on my early stages of the layering of both liquitex pouring medium and the geometric pattern
I like to also refer to my style as geometric architecture abstraction, for example if you observe the pattern on both 36x72in paintings down below, they are both rich in architectural pattern, the black & white one will depict a geometric castle, & the city scape one will depict a passionate city expressed with geometric architecture pattern
I am in layer stage 3 or 4 , and will need at least 5 more layers
Hopefully, I finish all my 7 paintings by end of August or mid September
I may not paint as much in the month of August this year, because it is Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month

Speaking of Ramadan, incase you don’t know, Ramadan is the month when the Quran was revealed to the prophet Mohamed, it is a lunar month, either 29 or 30 days, Muslims fast during this month from dawn to sunset , abstain from food, drinks, and sex between dawn and sunset, Muslims are supposed to reach an elevated stage of spirituality, help the poor and the needy whether Muslims or not, be humble, and get closer to God









My journey in life as an artist part 5

July 22, 2011
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Well, back to my Ph.D in mathematics, it was a long journey, mixed with happiness, excitements and sometimes depression, I must say however, once I finished my thesis defense and passed it, I felt so proud of myself possibly for the very first time, it was a relief , a huge weight off my back, and most of all I felt FREE,
Unfortunately, that happiness did not last forever, now I was faced with a harsh reality of finding a job, while in the Ph.D program I was teaching math in Hunter College and Medgar Evers college in New York,
In my last few years of my Ph.D program I had totally given up my art passion, I simply had no time nor money for it. Although it remained an unfulfilled passion in my unconscious mind all my life.
Anyway, I did find a job After graduation, but I had to relocate far away from New York, I moved to Toronto, I worked in private sector as a senior consultant for a consulting company, this is due to my other passion and interest I developed for computers and especially programming, I actually minored in computer science in undergrads ,
I admired math, philosophy, religion, computer science, but kept a hidden special passion for art inside of me all the time, I felt guilty so many time for giving up my art passion to more realistic career options,
Anyway, I started a new corporate life, it was very different from what I ever dreamed to be, it was very rewarding money wise, I got to travel in different cities in Canada and the United States, it also kept me busy all week long and year long, I still could not squeeze art in my hectic corporate lifestyle, until a new turning point happened in my life and changed my entire life .. to be continued in my next blog posting






My journey in life as an artist part 4

July 19, 2011
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By the time I finished my Bacalauria (high school) exam, I received my visa to go study in New York, this must have been the biggest blessing I got from God, my whole life changed, I moved from a small unknown town in morocco to the greatest city in the world
I must say, I had mixed feelings but I believed it to be my destiny, it was a cultural shock for me the moment I got to New York
I am sure my friends back home were jealous of me ending up in New York, although many of my friends did make it out of Morocco to Europe, some of them remained in Morocco and made the best out of the situation,
Anyway, I arrived to the greatest city in the world the city of having dreams turning into reality
Speaking of reality, when I started university, I was afraid to major in art, to end up without a job, so I decided to follow my other half of my brain dream, I decided to pursue a Ph.D in mathematics
At the same time I resumed painting, this time I moved from water color into oil, mostly landscape, I was very busy with university, so I never tried to exhibit in art shows, plus it was pretty expensive too. Being a university student was more than enough in term of expenses
Well, a Ph.D in math was a mixed experience , a huge commitment , basically no life, lots of hard work, in the hope that I end up with a respected career rather than a jobless artist, my parents were happy of my career choice, they thought pursuing art is too risky, I kind of agreed with them or at least I convinced myself, besides I had a real passion for math, that helped too
Finally I graduated with a Ph.D in math from city university of New York Graduate Center in year 2000 , then what , to be continued in my next blog posting